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Almost pure blood and blood clots in urine

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Ginger, thank you for your response. I did see my NP yesterday and she has prescribed Bactrim now to see if I tolerate it better. She did another urine culture and had trace of white blood cells and has sent for another detailed analysis. Unfortunately every time my urine has been cultured nothing specific as far as bacteria is showing up (other than blood, protein, and amorphous sediment crystals), but she said it may be because it is so deep in my kidneys that it is diluted to the point of not showing in the urinalysis. She thinks this really may be a kidney infection; I pray she is right and I can tolerate the 10-day course of Bactrim (generic) and that it will be the right one to resolve this. This has been ongoing for about a year, but am so thankful that for now does not look like cancer based on the last FISH results, which my urologist said was "technically positive but not worrisome for cancer". I had cancer 36 years ago (breast) and received chemo of Cytoxan, methotrexate and 5Fu for six months, and Cytoxan can cause bladder cancer in later years. I am worried about kidney damage too, but am praying that has not happened yet. I see my urologist end of March and we'll see if this recurs (oh I pray not). If it does, perhaps we'll explore the avenue of chronix kidney disease. I pray you are doing well with it…. Thank you again! Will try to remember to update after Bactrim course….

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@so1frustrated, I just now saw your post and although I have not experienced a similar condition as yours, I have a kidney transplant and have my share of UTI's. I want to ask if your doctor gave you any time line when you can expect the current Bactrim treatment to show a possible positive response. You should not have to wait 10 days to see if it is the right one. That is always one of my first questions for my doctor or pharmacist when I am prescribed an antibiotic.

I believe you are justified with your concern about your kidney health. You are scheduled for a visit with your urologist at end of March.
With your ongoing symptoms and past medical history, I would encourage you to call your urologist for an earlier appointment. in your request be sure to tell about your current symptoms, your frustration, and unsatisfactory antibiotic results. Will you think about this over the weekend? Can you make a call on Monday? What are your thoughts?