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Almost pure blood and blood clots in urine

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@so1frustrated Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Having blood in your urine is not normal, and having what appears to be pure blood is cause for alarm. It sounds like you have had this problem before, but nothing was found upon testing. Correct?

Personally, I would run, not walk, to the nearest emergency room, or your doctor. Something is not right, and insisting on treatment may save you. I have chronic kidney disease, and have gone through kidney infections. They are no fun! If there is an infection, they may need to culture and see what antibiotics the infection will respond to. Without the correct medication, the infection will come back.

Please consider heading to the doctor right away, and let me know what happens, will you?

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Ginger, if I may ask, how did you find out you had kidney disease, and how did they diagnose it (was it diagnosed through a urologist)?

Hi Ginger, quick update. Had the full course of Bactrim, and was helping at first, but during treatment symptoms came back, off and on but not as bad. Today is follow-up with NP, and finished Bactrim (10-day course) last dose this past Monday morning. This morning when went to urinate after out of bed urinated heavy blood and blood clot again. Prior to this mostly honey colored, foamy urine, but occasionally almost normal looking urine so was hopeful . I am sure she will do urinalysis and culture again and praying that something shows up this time besides just blood, white cells and protein. Will ask for Keflex (generic) to try, asking for longest safe dosage. There is no sign of kidney or liver disease on CMP's; BUN, etc. within normal range. Hoping she is will to try one last round. Will definitely be following up with neurologist at end of March, but maybe sooner if NP wants me to and I can get in….really hard to schedule with them.