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Well it’s not even 12 noon and I think I ran out of spoons! I took my dog to the vet and took a long walk while I waited and then concentrating on everything the vet said. The vet loves to talk, but I have a hard time listening. Oh well, now to take a break. Do you do anything special when you have to concentrate?

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@becsbuddy Ask them to repeat, or write it down. Or ask to go over it again when you are feeling more energy. I recently had a similar experience as you did, and after about 15 minutes I was getting more and more stressed and anxious. I insisted the gentleman stop throwing information at me; I needed to leave before I went off the rails!

This morning I had to clean up some broken glass in the street around the corner from us. When i was done, my husband asked for assistance moving some firewood. If I would have known, I probably would have cut short that sweeping! An apple with a bit of pepper jack cheese perked me up.