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Irritable bowel syndrome

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I will check that link. I had a CAT scan 2 months ago and the scan came back saying I had mesentric panniculitis! My GI doctor disagrees and so does my family doctor. They both think I have IBS. But I don’t really have any symptoms for these only the pain! If the pain was intermittent but every morning like clock work? Like this morning, was awaken at 5 am with slight pain. Rubbed along my hysterectomy scar, felt like I was ready for bowel movement, went to bathroom, had a good one but discomfort didn’t go away like it always does right after. Laid back in bed, couldn’t go to sleep, got up had a coffee, went again at 7:30 pain left, guess I just wasn’t finished from the first tine lol! There was a bit of diverticular noticed on my colonoscopy 2 years ago. All blood work and body parts were fine. Had the dye too. He told me I was quite healthy for my age. Could it be adhesions? Have you ever heard of problems of the cecum?….that is where waste is stored before goingbtonrectum and out, i think, and pain is right in that spot. Just very frustrated….hope someone can help with this mystery,,,, thanks

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Keep with the process of checking this out,@nancykeenan. Will you keep in touch and let us know how you are doing?