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Problem with Chronic constipation

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Good afternoon @bb03. I have now spent 3 years trying to get the equipment working when it's supposed to. It is once again my major problem. I am going through some testing that requires adjustments in what goes in my stomach. Control of my bladder and colon is not on the docket for a couple more weeks. Once we get everything else sorted out….I will be able to select treatments that will learn how to keep those functions somewhere close to normal. We do pelvic floor work in my yoga class. Amazing how that helps. What else helps…….walking at least 2 miles a day. Not eating after 7:00 pm seems to help. I will consult with my MFR therapist to see if she can add more of the pelvic floor work.

Here is the other problem……..we have 3 old toilets and one septic tank out here in the boondocks. So…..we have to have blankets on the drain pipes and be very careful in the winter. We cannot have a garbage disposal without finding a place for a second septic tank.

My worst day ever was when I had managed to clog up all 3 toilets. So……I am also trying to research those options. I have made these body clearing issues part of my cognitive routines. Just call me "struggles".

I know you mentioned Miralax and a couple of others that work for you. Is it better to just do stool softeners at bedtime? Do you stick to the same routine every day? Thanks for your post and I look forward to and am grateful for some back and forth here.

May you be content and at ease.

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I take two tablespoons of psyllium fibre (started with one tablespoon for six months) in s glass of water drunk down quickly before it gels, followed by another glass of plain water. Takes a couple of days to take effect but if taken daily, constipation is no longer a problem. Laxatives only promote dependency.