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asking about montelukast for children

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thanks for your responce … i live in Jordan country the brand name for the medicine is Montal … my son have some behavioral problems .. frankly he is aggressive and have some sharp behavior a little bit .. since his 1st moments in life ( i mean before he take this medicine) but i am asking about this medicine specifically cause there is a doctor told me that this drug affect on childs brain and on nervous system for children IN THE FUTURE .. i didnt talk about the rare side effects which written in the Prescription come with this drug no i mean in the future and after a long period of using this drug that will harm the brain and nervous system for child .. IS THAT TRUE ??? Is THERE ANY STUDY SUPPORT THIS ASSUMBTION ??


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@mshamdann; @astaingegerdm -Yesterday I couldn't find any studies that answered your question. But today I tried again and found this:
Please keep in mind that no matter what is written about the side effects of any drug doesn't mean that they happen all the time or to every person. I'm sure that you know this.

Does this help at all?

@mshamdann– Have you talked to your child's doctor to determine if you will continue to give your son Montal?