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People just don't understand about hearing aids. At my last physical exam the doctor told me to remove my hearing aids so he could check my ears. I removed them and he continued to talk as he went on with the exam and I couldn't understand anything he was saying. I had to stop him and put in my hearing aids so I could understand him. I asked him to repeat what he had said and he didn't. He was so far into technical medicine that he doesn't understand the patient. I won't be seeing this doctor again.

The tiny, invisible hearing aids the industry strives for and advertises do not serve me well. My hearing aids work fine but like many people they do not allow me to understand speech very well. I sometimes wish they were big and orange so I wouldn't have to explain my hearing loss to everyone. I don't mind sharing these things with all you folks on this forum but you are not the people who need to hear and understand this message. We speak this message to hearing folks and they don't "hear" us.

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Once I purchased a black horn which you put up to your ear facing the person you want to hear and listen. It was supposed to be a gag gift for someone over 60. However, this thing works so well. I am tempted to get it out when I have soft speaking guests. (My son) Some people just will NOT TALK LOUDER! He will not! Anyway, I do wear hearing aids, they are large (not orange). I wish I knew how to post pictures. I would show you the black horn and the hearing aids. Woogie

My hearing aid is blue. I've gone with the colored hearing aids for the last 35 years, once knew they existed. 🙂 And, during most of those years I had short hair. It does help when people know you're trying to help yourself. Let it show!