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Any women with high CAC scores?

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@anniehall56. I understand your overwhelming shock and dismay at your blood test results. We think we are doing everything right and then are stunned when we are diagnosed with a serious health concern. You are fortunate to have high quality medical care so available to you.

I had the calcium scan in 2007 and the score was about 500, most in the LAD and that score supposedly indicated I was in imminent danger of a heart attack. So far, no chest pain, no heart attack. I am now 76 years old and have some degradation of aerobic capabilities with age but I still walk faster than friends 10 years younger.

My cholesterol numbers were supposedly OK back in 2007 because I am a woman and my HDL was over 100. After I had the calcium scan and saw my male cardiologist he was shocked because "you're a woman and your HDL is so high". I believe thinking along that line has changed since then.

I was prescribed statins but couldn't tolerate them and tried to control my levels through diet and fish oil. But since so much of the cholesterol in the body is a result of genetics, I just couldn't bring down the numbers. Then, bless the scientists, Praluent was developed and proven effective in not only bringing down cholesterol levels but also in reducing deaths. I was prescribed that about 3 or 4 years ago and my cholesterol fell to about 150. LDL fell and HDL, although lower was still in the high normal range.

I consider myself fortunate to have opted for the calcium scan which started this change in how my cholesterol levels were being seen. My Dad died in 1962 at age 50 of a myocardial infarction. Back then there was so little known about heart disease and no real medications to treat it. But now it is recognized what a role genetics plays in this whole medical issue.

I would not search for alternatives to taking a statin. If you can tolerate them, they do the trick -- not only do they reduce the lipid profile numbers but also, they have been proven to reduce death rates in those taking them. Statins and the injectable anti cholesterol drugs are the gold standard.

I wish you peace and a good experience with your new cardiologist.


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Donna, thanks so much for your very hopeful response! Glad to know you're doing so well!