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@contentandwell @sru97 and others in this conversation. I agree that using the patient portal is one of the better ways of communicating with your physician between appointments. From a practical point of view, you don't have to wait on hold and give a message (with many repeats) to a receptionist (who may not have a medical background and therefore may not understand your question) which ends up resulting in a long telephone call and leaves you unsure that your correct message gets to your doctor. I basically have chosen two health care facilities in my area to use for all of my medical care. Both of these use EPIC as their patient portal. It makes communication regarding test results and appointments very easy.

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@hopeful33250 Epic is the best software for hospital portals, but I understand it's quite costly. The endocrinologist I go to moved from Manchester to a town in MA and I followed him — he's that good. At one point when he called me he told me they were changing portal software. I asked if they were getting Epic and he laughed. He said his hospital couldn't afford it, it's very expensive.

Mass General has Epic and so does the local hospital that I used to go but I changed PCPs last year and the hospital I go to now has a very poor software package for their portal. It's so frustrating, particularly after being used to Epic's software.