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@fiesty76 Conditions here are similar. I suspect the COVID19 virus is partly to blame, but probably a shortage of medical staff. Many of our doctors have decided to retire because they couldn't deal with all the rules and regulations and paperwork – couldn't deal with the government telling them what to do. Too bad, because they were experienced, knowledgeable, and cared about their patients. We now have a ton of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who, although very caring and committed, are not doctors. Been waiting for an opening for an MRI and CT scan, but the wait has grown even longer for doctor's appointments. Suspect also that our area is not nearly as attractive to medical folk as the big city medical centers, although the wait for appointments there is long also.

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@trishana, Yes,unfortunately I'm also hearing of more doctors leaving the profession as well due to increasing rules and regulations. It is troubling that as more and more n.p.'s and p.a.'s are becoming the norm, it becomes harder to see the physician specialist.

Was happily surprised to finally receive a call back from my pcp's nurse yesterday. She said they'd had tech. difficulties with their patient portal and agreed to put a copy of my lab report in the mail. When asked about the status of the endocrinologist referral, she said that although the doc had noted the referral request, it had not been sent to the referral group. After asking me the "reason" from doc for referral and checking with my ins., she reported that ins. would cover and that I might expect a referral in the "next week or two".

Over the yrs, we've established a great relationship and I asked if she and the other phone nurse had received the Moderna vaccs. I was very surprised and disappointed to hear that both had decided to "wait awhile". While I see reports that docs are readily taking the vaccs and are encouraging everyone, when eligible, to get theirs, I am also hearing that many nurses and other health professionals are not. I just cannot fathom this. I appreciate your response, Trishana.