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Hi, @susu2, Like you, I'm not great about prodding myself to start some projects I know will help my health...especially exercising alone. So, last yr I set one goal for 2020 to walk 3 x's/week on specific days and to "reward" myself each week with some small treat for ea. week I "did the deed"...lol I found naming the specific days helped me stay on track.

Another tool I use frequently is setting a timer for "dreaded tasks", easily put off like paperwork prep for IRS, etc and then Stopping the task when the timer goes off. Otherwise I tend keep going and quickly face 'burn out'.

@becsbuddy, started a walking/exercise group and there are participants in the group at all stages and abilities. Have you checked out that group? Usually can get to it from the Daily Covid 19 group. P.S. I'm a "sitter, beginning knitter and avid reader" too but have to restrict time alotted to each otherwise, I would become a terminal "couch potato". Smiles.

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I confess I have that attitude of "I've worked hard all my life and i deserve to sit and rest" which is bad for this time of the year and my forced isolation. I bought one of those exercise steps they use in physical therapy to use in my closet so I can reach to hang up my clothes on the top rack which was built for my husband's shirts, not me. It is a safe step so I can reach the top rack. So now i think I may go in the closet and do the step exercises I learned when I had my knee replacements. It is good for improving balance. Dorisena