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@dorisena. You're statement is absolutely correct. I will do anything to stay out of a facility, whatever. While our lives are certainly different, I admire your determination. Therefore, I've a "what would you do" question. Seems I have a mass on my ovary and everyone is bound and determined that I shall have a hysterectomy. I am caregiver for my husband, who has Alzheimer's. I take care of us and our home. I am the last surviving member of my family and all of my husband's family are dealing with large problems such as dementia. I contend that at 82, the idea that post surgery, I can return to our home and resume my life is highly improbable, and so I am refusing surgery. Have no symptoms. Do you think I'm wrong? I cannot see having surgery so that we can move to a nursing home. My husband is doing okay and we hopefully have some more of our life to share together yet. Your comments would be appreciated.

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I had a 90'some year old neighbor who needed a historectomy and she let it go and died in a few months. She said to me "I should have my uterus removed, I don't really need it." I could barely keep from laughing at the explanation. She lived alone and used a cane. On the other hand, if the mass is cancerous you could deal with a lot of pain before the end of your life here. You are sharing your life now with your husband and that makes a lot of sense. A friend chose to do no surgery and died quietly without much trouble. I certainly wouldn't criticize your choices at this point. I am choosing no surgery for both my shoulders and so far I can manage alone. Therapy helps the pain and most days I have none if I don't reach high. It limits my exercise but that is O.K. I am not starving. Dorisena