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I saw an orthopedist yesterday because I have fallen twice and have little strength . He told me I need to exercise:”what is strong is what is used”. Where to start? All I want to do is sit and knit or read! But I can’t concentrate and certainly feel afraid to go out and try to walk. Where do you get your determination?

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Can you share a little more about where you live, whether you can walk in hallways or a courtyard where other people are around, whether you use a walker or cane...It might help us make some suggestions for you.

My fear of being put in a facility provides my determination. I live alone and if I don't cook, do laundry, and take care of myself they would put me somewhere where I can be cared for because they aren't going to come in an do my care and chores for me. I like the cooking, I like the laundry, and only hate the sweeping and dusting. They do pay my bills for me and keep the checkbook balanced. Some doctors don't count chores as exercise. I do my stretching while I wait on the toaster to pop or the microwave to cook some food. I do exercise in the shower carefully. Mental exercise is also important so you can concentrate. I do Sudoku puzzles. I like math. I can't walk far but I try to increase the distance a little outside. I would prefer to walk with someone. My grandchildren will walk with me to buy something.
It is a struggle but it is better than a wheelchair, I think. I use a walking stick instead of a cane. Dorisena

Hi, @susu2, Like you, I'm not great about prodding myself to start some projects I know will help my health...especially exercising alone. So, last yr I set one goal for 2020 to walk 3 x's/week on specific days and to "reward" myself each week with some small treat for ea. week I "did the deed"...lol I found naming the specific days helped me stay on track.

Another tool I use frequently is setting a timer for "dreaded tasks", easily put off like paperwork prep for IRS, etc and then Stopping the task when the timer goes off. Otherwise I tend keep going and quickly face 'burn out'.

@becsbuddy, started a walking/exercise group and there are participants in the group at all stages and abilities. Have you checked out that group? Usually can get to it from the Daily Covid 19 group. P.S. I'm a "sitter, beginning knitter and avid reader" too but have to restrict time alotted to each otherwise, I would become a terminal "couch potato". Smiles.