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@contentandwell, Yes, JK, having a good relationship with the doc does make a decision to change much harder…especially for one who dreads change anyway. smiles Thanks to the confidence building suggestions from you, @johnbishop, @merpreb, @sunnyflower,@sueinmn, @colleenyoung, I am happy to report that my pcp approved my second request for an endo. referral! Started with 1 Big Thk U and 1 Big Request, I read to doc my "Plea statement/reasons for referral request" lol and she said "yes" to the referral! BIG relief and you guys get the credit.

No reference to her earlier denial and the fact that she had a young intern shadowing her may have contributed. I also said another opinion might not change anything during my yr off from Reclast but it would help "the worry wart's" peace of mind to know I'd tried all I could to add to my bone tool box. I wonder if she realized how stressful her first denial was and if reading out my family history and reasons for wanting another opinion made the difference.

Had placed 2 direct calls to Endo. offices about requiring referrals and accepting new patients and both required referrals and had closed practices.

A good friend suggested that the denials might be due to the fact that I was in a "managed care system". That sent me for more info. on "managed health care" and I learned more from: https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/10/06/what-is-managed-care.aspx.

My state retired teachers plan started at retirement with Aetna, moved to Humana, and recently changed to United Health. The last two are Medicare Advantaged Plans. I'm still not sure if it is just a local decision to require doc referrals to specialists or my particular ins plans but neither of the 2 endo offices asked about my ins. just my name and birthdate.

Local friends with other ins and direct requests for other specialists have also been told referrals were needed. It seems odd that members in other locations have suggested that Medicare patients might not need a referral. Just happy that the doc agreed to the request and will now play a "wait & see" about how the next year goes. Sending cyber hugs to each of you for your help and reassurance. Fiesty

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Dear Fiesty, Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a good and comical experience and achieved your goal!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I will pray God gives you just the right Endocrinologist for you and clear direction regarding the best plan for you. Many blessings, Sunnyflower PS: I'm a Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America's leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans.) They have pretty much everything under one roof; all kinds of doctors, pharmacy, Radiology, Lab, eyewear, physical therapy and the list goes on. Not every location has everything, but most have most. I have the Medicare Optimal plan so pay about $345/month but that includes dental. I don't have a yearly deductible. I don't pay for labs, most radiology such as mamograms and ultrasounds and when I have an MRI, CT and other radiographic diagnostics, I pay about $40. It's the Part D prescriptions that get me b/c I'm on so many! I can self refer to many specialties and none of my many docs over the years has ever denied my request for a referral when I need one from them. I pay $10 to see my PCP and $20 or $30 to see a specialist. Immunizations/vaccines are free too. $200 max for hospital. I think ER (non-admit) may have gone from $100 to $150 but I am not sure. Too bad Kaiser isn't located everywhere. Before it was Kaiser, it was Group Health Cooperative of Pugit Sound, non-profit health care coop. I worked for them for 20 years. I'm super happy with both of these organizations. Warmest wishes to all, Sunnyflower