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I have osteopenia and I am 85. Two years ago I fell and cracked a bone in my shoulder. I recovered with physical therapy. I have always drunk lots of milk and love cheese and yogurt. I have always had a positive bone scan until the last few years, and now I don't do much lifting or exercise because of back surgery four years ago. I rejected the meds because of side effects and reports that some don't help much. I am very careful and work on my balance and do not use a walker. I work hard on having a straight back but some days I slump. I intend to keep on with the dairy and the balanced diet. I can't expect to keep this old body perfect until I die, so I guess I will wear out eventually, but I don't look for any more surgery, pills with side effects, or drugs. Dorisena

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I saw an orthopedist yesterday because I have fallen twice and have little strength . He told me I need to exercise:”what is strong is what is used”. Where to start? All I want to do is sit and knit or read! But I can’t concentrate and certainly feel afraid to go out and try to walk. Where do you get your determination?