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CeraCare as a diabetic solution?

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Hi there, @h20rgbr32 welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. So glad you could join and ask this interesting question. Here is an article that one of our mentors researched that has a number of sources and reference links below it.

I'd like to invite some members that are very prevalent in the diabetes and endocrine group. @dorisena, and @hopeful33250. h20, you may also be interested in another ongoing discussion about Supplements and Diabetes in the group.

Here is the article reference from one of the mentors: "Bear in mind, that some ingredients did lack clinical trials, seeing that, in general, conclusions were made based on preliminary studies. Also, no direct links have been established regarding the formula and ceramide production. In this case, the creators seem to have focused on hypoglycemic, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Having said all that, it is clear to us that most studies include significantly higher doses than that offered by CeraCare. It would have also been nice to have the breakdown of the study conducted on the effect of CeraCare, which would have sufficed. Moreover, not knowing the exact breakdown of the already low proprietary blend (roughly 400mg per serving), makes it hard to swallow a price of $69 per bottle." - Jan 2021 - CeraCare Review: Do Cera Care Blood Sugar Support Pills Work: https://www.bellevuereporter.com/marketplace/ceracare-review-do-cera-care-blood-sugar-support-pills-work/

h20, have you consulted with your physician about this supplement and what effects, if any they would have with your current treatment?

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I can't offer anything about CeraCare because I know nothing about it. I don't look for pills and supplements for diabetes because the only one my doctor mentioned was Metformin which I take unless my blood sugar in the morning is near normal. He sent me to the nutritionist and I have found that diet and exercise are the main issues to address and work more normally without dangerous lows.
I am experienced in controlling my diet for better health and I know it works for me. You don't get high blood sugar without eating high carbs unless your insulin in your body has quit producing. That is type 1 diabetes and I really know very little about treating it. Over the years, my blood sugar is staying closer to normal, so that is what i encourage friends to try, eating a low carb diet and being active.
The pills are not magic. I really don't know why you would want to eat an unhealthy diet and then take pills. Dorisena

I take a common dietary supplement if I have a blood test that indicates a deficiency. I take a few vitamins that are commonly recommended. I get my nutrients from food and boost my diet with what is recommended on the web. It is important to eat a balanced diet and by that I mean each meal or snack should be balanced with protein, veggies, fruit, grains, and some dairy. Never eat a sugary snack that is mostly sugar and carbs. It spikes your blood sugar without the control of the other nutrients. My life is a simple plan.