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"Quality of life"......a gift that just keeps on giving.

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Years ago what I wanted was a magic wand; but then I thought, if I had one I wouldn't know what to wish for. Also, do I use the wand on others who are worse off first, hoping there will be enough magic left in the want for me? It was interesting reading your gift/wish list for quality of life "presents." I dont know what MFR means but that was a good idea to have extra sessions…. will you let us know if you plan to continue the twice a week? It seems to me as soon as I put the phone down after my weekly chat with therapist , something happens and as you say , then have a long wait to talk about it… well its only 7 days but x 24 hours a day. Glad to read your hip injection was successful … too bad the first one was done poorly, you were brave to try it again. And thirdly some surgery again…. with such a positive outlook. The more I read people's life experiences (have only been a member for a few days) the more I realize I am not the only one suffering. Well, of course, I knew that…. but have put myself in a corner where I started to think everyone else was feeling OK….yet knowing they really weren't… how mixed up my mind has been. I doubt very much my attitude will go full circle and I will be as positive as you, but hearing of your success and self-help was encouraging. Thank you.

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Good afternoon @lacy2, Thanks for sharing your magic wand with us. MFR stands for myofascial release therapy. The connective tissue throughout our bodies….ligaments, coverage for muscles and tendons is called Fascia. When it gets hung up and restricted the result is pain. Let me see if Jennifer @jenniferhunter can explain how MFR can help your body and your health. Thanks for responding.

Good afternoon @lacy2. Welcome to the bright side……..now that you are a returning member with lots to share and probably many things to learn. I came to Connect in 2017 as a Caregiver for my life partner who had prostate cancer. What did I need it for……I was managing. While waiting through 30 days of radiation treatment, I learned a lot about the Mayo Clinic and found out that there might be something for me to learn about myself.

At the same time, I became a student and proponent of Mindfulness Meditation and continued with daily yoga. Then the world opened up and I began to see how I might be justified in wanting some of the qualities of life that others had. So I started my search. The most significant event was mindful speech. When you talk to yourself, remember to ask: are my words kind? are they true? are they necessary? Just give it a try…..talk to yourself with loving kindness and compassion.

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.

Hi, @lacy2, One of the best things about first discovering these great Mayo Connect forums for me was truly realizing I wasn't alone and that many were dealing with far more serious chronic health issues than my own.

Kidney disease prompted my joining but the comfort, encouragement and new knowledge shared by others in numerous groups make this one of the best things I could have done for myself. Adding another welcome to you and hope you'll explore other forums and post regularly.

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