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@giproblems78 Have you been to a Mayo MN, AZ, FL? If you have gastroparesis that is slow stomach emptying, it is not fixable but you have to learn to live and eat with its limitations..My local clinic could not diagnose it as their surgery damaged the stomach nerves that caused the problems. Look under "gastroparesis" in this Digestive health and you will find many of my long writings telling how to eat and figure out how to cope with the condition. eat small amounts, eat like 6 small meals a day.. do not lay prone for at least 2 hours after eating, cut up everything you eat very small, chew very well, at night sleep on a wedge like pillow arrangement or have a foam wedge that raises your bed head 6" or 8".. You need to keep a log of what you eat in the kitchen and a log in the bathroom to tell date and what happens each day as you eat… what comes out the other end…

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I've been on that diet, kept the logs, done everything that I am reading about for Gastroparesis for years because of my other digestive conditions. It looks like the same medications even, and I have been on all the
medications out there, and nothing is helping this. I literally can't eat anything until I have to force myself to. And that is usually an ensure. If I am lucky it stays down. They said this started 6 years ago when I had my last gastric emptying test. It's been like a really bad flu all year long that never goes away.