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I can sympathize, here is what I know.
The urinary issue is linked directly to the catheterization. The sooner you can get it removed the better - as soon as you can use a commode, ask to have it taken out. Long use causes internal swelling, and can cause UT infection.

As for the constipation, it is usually related to the use of pain meds. You should be given a stool softener at least twice a day, continue to use it until you completely stop any opioids. Try to manage your pain as soon as possible with alternating doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen instead. Do this along with John's advice regarding water, high fiber diet (or a fiber supplement) and moving around. Also, stay out of bed/recliner and sit up so gravity can help.

Moving hourly or more often will also improve your hip mobility and healing. Moving increases the blood supply to the hip and moves fluids that are the byproduct of the healing process. Even a walk around the room helps, as does standing with support like a walker and moving the leg.

Finally, don't forget my mantra "Ice! Ice! Ice!" The ice should be used often for several weeks after surgery. If you don't already have them, invest in at least 3 large icepacks and alternate them - far more likely to use than leaky ice bags. We have some about 12"x15" with a fleecy cover - can be placed right over light clothing without messing with wrapping in a towel, etc.
Good luck!

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I don't,know where you are at, but being a nurse practitioner, all hospitals here in NC issue a polar type ice machine that has a pad on it to place on your hip/ knee/shoulder replacement. I would ask surgeon or ask at preop appt before spending money on ice packs. Plus the pads weigh nothing so they cause pressure on your already painful joint. All insurances pay for this standard joint replacement medical equipmemt