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Nerve pain after lumpectomy and breast radiation

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trixie…I have been told that I might have cording. Is that the same as axial webbing? I was sent to a physical therapy lymphadema specialist who I saw for a couple of appointments. Unfortunately I did not feel comfortable in her small office while we are in the middle of a pandemic. I will look at your website. Thank you for the information.

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They are one and the same. And it can be quite painful. I could not even lift my arm at one point. The physical therapy was painful, but gave me relief after about 6 or 7 treatments. I am a Kaiser patient and it is the PT who contacts the doctor to get a referral to the prosthetic/medical supply store to fit you for a swell spot. The PT can also show you stretching exercises and lymphatic drainage. I know this pandemic is frightening, but talk with the PT about your fears. Maybe you can do a video visit where they show you how to do the massage and stretching online and also get the referrals in for you. There are different swell spots out there as well as different sizing for body shape, so it would benefit you greatly to have someone experienced in this help you out. I hope you find relief soon.

I got that from my arimidex. I have stopped all drugs, and still 10 weeks later, have it. Google carpal tunnel. I am just now able to use my hands and fingers. I cant bend them at all. Started 5 weeks after I started the drugs, and after 6 months I stopped completely. I had lumpectomy with radiation. Will not go on the drugs again.

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