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Elizabeth - I had a Toshiba for years, and when it died in late 2019, I found they were no longer available. My husband talked me into an HP Pavilion because he has had one for years, but I couldn't find one locally that suited me. Then I looked on the HP website and found out I could specifically configure my own exactly as I wanted - 17" screen, large solid state hard drive for photos (and super fast), mid-range processor and memory - perfect! What we find in stores is either low-end for students, or high-end for gamers (and very expensive) - I ended up in between and am thrilled. Good battery life too - I can do 2-3 Zoom meetings back-to-back on one charge, so I can be outside, in the den, etc without dragging along a charger.

As for the watch, I have been very happy with the FitBit Charge 3, even moreso now that I replaced the ugly rubbery band with a nice rainbow fabric band for everyday and a gold-colored metal one for dress-up. Makes it look like a watch rather than a parolee-tracker bracelet! I was glad I purchased the extended warranty because the first one started to act up after 3 months, and FitBit replaced it immediately. This was a replacement for a 4 year old FitBit2 that quit synching and holding a charge. I see the Charge 4 is now less expensive, but I chose the Charge 3 because I try to never buy the newest tech - I let someone else suffer getting the bugs worked out. (By the way, my husband didn't like the price of my FitBit 2, so over the past 5 years, he has probably bought and discarded enough cheap trackers to pay for a Charge - I would keep that in mind and go from a specific recommendation if I was going that route.)

Have fun treating yourself! Last year, just before Covid, I bought a new sewing machine in my Texas home...boy was I glad - we made hundreds of masks and didn't have a bit of trouble. My friends with older machines spent as much time fiddling and adjusting as I did sewing. And it is light enough to stow easily in my tiny house there. So treating ourselves well can be yet another blessing.


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Wow! Sue, what great information. Thank you so much.....I purchased a Virmee VT3 Plus fit watch after the response from 2011 panic. It performs the actions I want and is waterproof, but doesn't overdo. I don't need nor want it to answer texts or phone calls or questions w/Alexi...so, hopefully it will do just what I need. If not, I'll go to the FitBit Charge 3! I ck'd it out just now and like it.

Funny thing, I spent some time looking for the right replacement bands!!!!! I'm not thrilled with the rubbery, plastic band, at all plus it will be extremely HOT in our weather. So, saw the rainbow which I love, a couple of nice but also hot leather, didn't find a nice metal one yet which I do want if it doens't make me break out with allergic reaction! NOT going for gold! Let you know....

I really like the HP laptops. Looking at 15" screen, mid-range storage/memory, as I use it more than I thought I would, but don't need top anything. I spent a long time last couple days online re these goodies....also got a new pillow, curved like 'v' shape for side sleeping, will add support for neck and head and back....and got a no-touch thermometer that will take temp of food and liquid - great if i had an infant!-, back pillow for my 2 relcliners to support my poor back! I'm on a roll.....laptop is next.

I bet you're loving that sewing machine! Hundreds of masks to donate? for friends? Good thing and think how much you'll keep on enjoying it! You know, it's so important for us to do good things for ourselves, isn't it. This is a lesson I began learning a few years ago, but it is a lesson well learned this last year.

You have and are helping many of us to be good to ourselves. Remember so many years ago when we were 'taught' by the mind leaders in our world that we must learn to love ourselves? That thought never occurred to us! We were busy loving and thinking of others! While I do know many took that to heart and some may have overdone the concept, it is something I'm acturally putting into practice these days.

And, my friend, that's a good thing. So, the watch, the laptop, the weighted quilt, the pillow......and Mayo Connect friends. Blessings to all. Elizabeth