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Thank you, 2011panic! What a nice and helpful message. I have a good friend who has a Lenovo she uses all day, mostly for bridge playing! but loves it, finds it easy and didn't pay a fortune. I've looked at HP , saw a couple I liked w/large screens that I think I need to help me use it more comfortably. I'm going to consumer reports now, for this and for the FitBit watch I want.
Big help, you are, panic.
Thanks! Blessings to you, Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth - I had a Toshiba for years, and when it died in late 2019, I found they were no longer available. My husband talked me into an HP Pavilion because he has had one for years, but I couldn't find one locally that suited me. Then I looked on the HP website and found out I could specifically configure my own exactly as I wanted - 17" screen, large solid state hard drive for photos (and super fast), mid-range processor and memory - perfect! What we find in stores is either low-end for students, or high-end for gamers (and very expensive) - I ended up in between and am thrilled. Good battery life too - I can do 2-3 Zoom meetings back-to-back on one charge, so I can be outside, in the den, etc without dragging along a charger.

As for the watch, I have been very happy with the FitBit Charge 3, even moreso now that I replaced the ugly rubbery band with a nice rainbow fabric band for everyday and a gold-colored metal one for dress-up. Makes it look like a watch rather than a parolee-tracker bracelet! I was glad I purchased the extended warranty because the first one started to act up after 3 months, and FitBit replaced it immediately. This was a replacement for a 4 year old FitBit2 that quit synching and holding a charge. I see the Charge 4 is now less expensive, but I chose the Charge 3 because I try to never buy the newest tech - I let someone else suffer getting the bugs worked out. (By the way, my husband didn't like the price of my FitBit 2, so over the past 5 years, he has probably bought and discarded enough cheap trackers to pay for a Charge - I would keep that in mind and go from a specific recommendation if I was going that route.)

Have fun treating yourself! Last year, just before Covid, I bought a new sewing machine in my Texas home...boy was I glad - we made hundreds of masks and didn't have a bit of trouble. My friends with older machines spent as much time fiddling and adjusting as I did sewing. And it is light enough to stow easily in my tiny house there. So treating ourselves well can be yet another blessing.