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Amanda, I just saw it and am beginning to try the links.

I use Xfinity email, so I googled 'whitelist xfinity emails'. Will see what they say as the other links are for normal email like Outlook or Gmail.

I'm really tired now and going to bed, fighting a bad infection. I'll pick it up in a bit. You're great for helping and I'll be back in touch is an hour or so. Must get a laptop!!! as soon as I feel better, I'm going to Best Buy and get something....anyone have suggestion as to the best for our needs? I want portability, be able to use it upstairs since I spend time up there when I'm having a problem. We'll see what available and not too costly.

Also, buying a Bit watch of some kind.

Again, thanks. You are wonderful....John is a treat! Blessings, Elizabeth

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@ess77 I just found this post from several days ago. About 7 years ago I decided to get a lightweight laptop to free up where and when I can use my computer. My first choice was a Surface Pro. It worked well for about a year and they had to be replaced because the connector socket went bad. The second Surface was an upgrade and worked even better than the first, for about a year. Then it would neither charge nor work off direct current. The third Surface was another upgrade that again lasted about a year. At that point I was tired of having to reprogram a new computer every year and started searching for the best laptop for my use. After many comparisons I decided on a year-old Lenovo model because the newer model had things I didn't want and that were causing some problems for users. I have been using it for 2 years with no problem (except user error) and plan to use it for a good while yet. I encourage you to do some internet searches for: best 2021 laptops; laptop reviews, and specific functions you know you want. One of the sites I always check for big ticket items is consumer reports. Lenovo has been a trusted brand in the top 10 for many years, and I recommend them as one of your first checks. Good luck.