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Well, I think you, fiesty76,.....uh,oh....I just ck'd. I'm the one who began this hair color diversion with my red-head remarks. No apology, my friend. I take full responsibility. We've had a great time with our hair, obviously, all our lives. It's an important part of our personality, our self-awareness, self-confidence, and even relationships! Plus, I haven't laughed such good belly laughs in a long time. Thanks for starting this thread.....Blessings on this kooky day! Elizabeth

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Replies to "Well, I think you, fiesty76,.....uh,oh....I just ck'd. I'm the one who began this hair color diversion..."

@ess77, @2011panc,@ginger, Wanted to add that I just found a slew of Mayo posts in my Spam folder...Again! Boo! Hiss!! Have sent them back to reg. e-mail so hoping firefox "gets the message that these are Important".. Time will tell.

Elizabeth, I agree! Our "hair shares" have been fun! So thankful to have a place to share and often come away with smiles and laughter. Best tonic ever for lightening whatever the load! Who would have predicted that an "off the wall" question about hair taming could lead to such good ideas!!! Luv these forums and members!!!!

@gingerw, Interesting comment about the water quality! Makes a lot of sense even though I'd never considered its effects on hair. I live in a very "hard water" community and used to comment to daughter on visits that her "soft water" made my skin almost feel "silky" and much improved hair management. I bought a large quantity of bottled water...just in case... and may give a few of those bottles a try at next shampoo. Also never looked for "leave-in conditioners" Ahh, we're never too olde to learn!

Another aside, Ginger, is that years ago, I discovered that when my hair was short, my spirits were brighter; longer locks drew down my "happy-go-lucky" attitude...weird I know but true for me. Our quirks are "what make us who we are", yes?

Wishing a very good day and smiles to all!