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Smile Bringers for Animal Lovers

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@ess77 I also discovered that peroxide turns dark hair red. I was using peroxide on spots on my scalp that were continually developing sores, without paying much attention to what was happening to my hair. Until I took a trip with my parents and they both remarked on it. Unfortunately, it not only changed the color of the hair, it removed all the oils and nutrition from my hair and made it very dry and frizzy. I stopped using the peroxide and got a cut that removed most of the damaged hair. I've always been satisfied with what God gave me, even though I would dearly have loved to have my father's auburn color.

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@2011panc, I read your post with added interest when your mentioned that peroxide removed the natural oils, making your hair very dry. I live in a very dry area and during winter, I add oils to my bath and apply lotion & baby gel combos on a soft back brush for the body.

However, while I don't ever have dandruff, my scalp gets very dry and itchy too. I've used both Nizerol and Selsun Blue and both seem to work for the itchiness, even with the use of conditioners, my hair seems to have that fly away dryness. Any suggestions for something to restore more oil? A light application of VO5 for dry hair helps after blow drying it.

Having a chuckle here about how far our conversations have diverged from the original post about "animal smile bringers". OTOH, some of these posts have also brought smiles…so maybe "no harm", "no foul"?????? lol

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