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@ess77, Your post has me laughing out loud Because...when I became engaged and learned that my "intended" had been previously engaged to a redhead, I became verrry intolerant of redheads in general!

My best friends threw a Raggedy Ann and Andy baby shower when hubby and I became pregnant. What a royal hoot that was!

After a very long labor and eventual C-section, I first came out of surgery to find best friend's hubby at my bedside telling me that he "simply couldn't wait for me to meet my new little princess for the first time!" My hubby was out of the room at the time and that was my first news of the baby "girl".

About that time, the nurse brought in our newest addition and when I saw this tiny adorable with Red Hair, I said: "Don't know Who put you up to this but take that baby back and bring me my Real baby!!! Friend went into peals of hysterical laughter and nurse gave me one of those alarmed looks of "oh this woman really has something seriously wrong with her!"

Turns out that both sides of the family had some redheads and it wasn't the postman's fault after all! vbg

In fact, I can now proudly boast that not only does my daughter have gorgeous red hair but she married a great auburn haired fella' and now there are two extraordinarily "handsome" red haired grandboys in our clan!

A natural blonde turned brunette and now turned silver, I'm not sure either what a "red haired personality" is but agree that your mom and my little family are proof positive that reds are truly special and wonderful blessings for the rest of us. Thank you for your post! You made my day! Hugs!!!!

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@fiesty76 Hmm, what is a "red-haired personality"? I was a redhead growing up, my husband and daughter still consider me to have red hair although now it is more of a light auburn, that which is not yet grey. I was the only red-head in my family and I had a family of 5 cousins, all red-heads, except one. I always felt like somehow there was a mixup there, although the brunette and I were years apart.
My red hair was pretty much like Nicole Kidman's, but I had freckles too. She may have them but cover them up.

I feel flattered that my daughter often puts a reddish tinge in her brown hair. She and her brother have coloring more like my husband's.

You had some crazy 'best friends' back in the day! Love the story....love redheads!

I originally had beautiful blue-black hair.My father had black hair and my mother was a gorgeous red-head. Did I ever have a shock when I was in my early teens and everyone wanted to be sexy blonde, Marilyn Monroe, of course. So, I did what some friends thought would be a great solution to wanting to be blond..and our mothers said absolutley not....I got some peroxide, poured a half bottle on a big wad of hair in the front of my head, and waited....and waited.....and waited.....finally, after hours, literally, of waiting and gettting really nervous, I washed my hair and had quite a shock.

It was the brightest, orange-ist, red-ist head of hair you've ever seen!!! I now know I have too much red in my hair, genes, to ever be blonde w/o extreme work by professionals, which I would never do. What a time that was! It took forever for me to look in the mirror again.....

I began going gray in my 30's, every time my son or I got sick or whatever, I got more gray hair. I truly earned every gray hair! So, I began to enjoy the salt/pepper look, which with light skin was nice.

Then, turned 50, looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself, so went to store and got what I thought was a lovely color of Loreal. I went to church choir the next night, walked in expecting everyone to applause with the vast improvement, and met howls of laughter! Cries of horror! Apparently, I chose a color with Ash in it. Not good for my hair or my skin tone.

My hair, under the flourescent lights, was green!

Yep! So, I had it returned to God's first choice, black, and lived with black hair for years.

Then, about 3 years ago, I really wasn't doing well physically or emotionally, so I decided I needed a change and simplification in my life. I decided to go to God's 2nd choice, white. I let it go au naturale.....was lovely growing out with both colors, then was totally a silver gray/white.

I loved it. My son hated it. All of a sudden, he had an old mother!

I've 'striped' it with some black once in a while just for fun and to add interest....no purple, just black and it does look good like that. But, now, after finding I needed infusions of iron for deficiency, and taking iron +C tablets daily, it's back to natural salt/pepper! Didn't know it, but apparently the iron is adding some color back!!!

Believe me, this is all true. Crazy, true and fun.

Now, I do, if not feeling really perky, at times think of a change. Maybe, purple? Or...no, it's stays as God chooses now. And, now, I'm happy to have hair!
Blessings to you, my friend. I do enjoy you. Elizabeth