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@birdman518 I have had cervical problems… I am 83.. my discs are down to almost nothing.. I had a lumbar spinal fusion 25 years ago that was very successful.. that same spine surgeon in OKC prescribed a Cervical Traction Device for me.. that a Physical Therapist taught me how to use it… and that has helped me a lot.. I should use it every day, but when I go without using it for several days I can tell and get into it on the floor to straighten me out for 30 minutes… Those nerves may need to be sorted out by getting an Epidural (steroid shot)… when the epidural does not work after several days the Doctor should know that there is another problem… for example.. I was having real pain in one arm… the doctor gave me the Epidural.. no help…. after a few days of waiting for the medication to work… so the Doctor Said …. You have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome… that is like trouble with what we would call the Crazy bone in your elbow… when I would bend my arm that nerve had to stretch… That stretching caused the pain … so a Hand/Arm Specialist did an Out patient surgery to move that nerve in my arm so it did not get stretched when I moved my arm…..Problem Solved… that was 20 years ago… it stayed Fixed… Ken …good luck.

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Ken, thank you for sharing your story. It seems like many of these neurological pathologies do not have many good treatment options.
Although the arm/hand issues I am having are annoying, I could live with them. But falling like I have can be pretty dangerous. I will plan to update this topic after I see the neurologist in Jan.