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I am trying the Phonak Paradise P90 aids. They are quite technical and lots to learn with them. Also, they are slow to come on when you go into the app. The tap feature most of the time doesn't work; it's a hit-and-miss proposition. There are other things that are hit and miss, also. They often unpair themselves, and it's a bit complicated to re-pair them. I am thinking of not accepting them and going back to the Resound aids, get new Resounds that are rechargeable. I've had three sets of Resounds over the years, and they are much easier to use. What attracted me to the Phonak Paradise was the tap feature; just tap them to get inn or out of settings or to answer phone calls, and also the Auto-sense feature which is supposed to sense your hearing surroundings and adjust accordingly; that feature I feel does not work well at all. Anyway, wished I had better things to say other than their support phone line is really very good. They've always been extremely helpful.

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@raykraemer Thanks for your evaluation of the Phonak Paradise P90 aids. Given the problems you're having, I would not keep them. It sounds like there may be some design flaws and they may be able to be fixed with firmware updates. Do you know if those Phonaks can be programmed remotely without a visit to the audiologist? My Resounds (Linx 3D) are 3 years old but have remote programmability.
Tony in Michigan

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