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thanks for input. still need answer to my technical question. what brand/model HA has the most adaptable compression/attack/release capability? will try VA again. but any alternative suggestions greatly appreciated.
dont know if another brand/model HA will solve problem or not?? or my speech hearing perception loss is a done deal.

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Different strokes for different folks! Seriously, our hearing losses are all unique. What works best for one person may not work well at all for another. The most important thing for you to do is self advocate. Tell whomever is fitting you with hearing aids what is working and what isn't. Ask to try a different brand or model if the one you've been fitted with isn't doing the job well. Many people who sell hearing aids only sell one brand. Consequently, that is their entire focus when selling. You will get more options when dealing with a provider who sells different brands. The provider is required to give you a limited trial period; usually 30 days. Once that trial period is over, it's unlikely that you'll be able to return those aids. If what you are trying isn't working, ask for a different fitting. If the provider isn't willing to allow that, return the aids and go elsewhere. Providers differ greatly. Good luck to you.

@awilst Each of the name brand manufacturers have good products. Your Phonaks should be capable of helping with your hearing loss. Going with new ones may not help. In fact, you may get even more discouraged if new aids do not offer much help. Personally, I would wait for some breakthrough technology to get new aids. For me, the technology was direct Bluetooth streaming to both ears from my iPhone. I used to avoid the phone, but now, I do pretty good (severe to profound loss). You mention that you've been fitted using Real Ear Measurement. Many audiologists do not do that, despite it being an audiology best practice.
Tony in Michigan