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I have mild hearing loss, and have had Oticon OPN1 haring aides for over 3 years now. They cost over $6,000. but have been worth it to me as they support Bluetooth connection to iPhone for calls and for listening to audible books from Audible.com. I also have Oticon TV adaptor which feed digital TV sound to hearing aids controlled separately from TV speakers so both my wife and I can adjust sound. I love the TV sound as it is crystal clear including when people speak fast etc. It will be time for hearing aides soon, and my Audiologist is now recommending Phonak which apparently has been improving aides to better dieal with sounds in a crowd such as a dinner table. I would like to get rechargable batteries if they work well. I'd be interested in comments about both Phonak and Oticon.

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Hi Don….. I have had Oticon aids for 3 years and was quite satisfied with them for the first two years. This last year I lost more hearing to the point where the in-ear microphone no longer worked and I had to go with the ear mold which does not work as well for me. Still have the rechargeable batteries which are great, just put the aids on the charger at night and the charge will hold for at least 15 hours the next day (on mine). I do not have the Bluetooth connection or the TV adaptation because I did not know anything about them until joining this group. My audiologist never mentioned any other options at all.
My sister has the Phonak brand and thinks they are wonderful…. has had no problems in 8 years of use. I've also read that it is a very good brand and am considering trying Phonak next. I'd be interested in knowing what you decide and how it works for you. Good luck…. Judy

You say you have mild hearing loss, and that the Oticon aids with BT features you use, are working for you. Most people get more than 3 years out of a pair of hearing aids. I'm curious as to why you're considering new hearing aids now? Phonak is a good brand, as are Oticon, WIdex, ReSound and a few others. Technology keeps evolving, but the cost of hearing aids prevents many from getting new aids in such a short timeline.