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Neuropathy: Do Opioids help?

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I take 900 mg gabapentin 3 time a day plus tramadol as needed. I take 1/2 of the 50 mg tramadol because I can't handle the whole 50 mg because it makes me dizzy. I tolerate the the 25 mg very well. I used to take more before I started taking gabapentin but the gabapentin works pretty well and I only need the tramadol as breakthrough pain relief. So far I don't have a definitive diagnosis. I started out seeing neurologists and had all the tests for neuropathy but everything was pretty much normal. I'm told that the muscle biopsy showed inflammation so now it seems I have myositis. I switched to a rheumatologist who is treating me for osteoporosis and now also for myositis. It is early days and I don't know if this is going to lead to anything conclusive but in the meantime I am managing with these medicines. But I have weakness and fatigue and I cannot do much without causing a lot of pain the next day or so unlike the normal muscle pain expected from unusual work or exercise. I don't like opioids but I also can't live with the kind of pain I have without some amount.

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so glad you dont take opiods and things are working for you