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@jaema Certainly, one can be "successful"… with hearing loss… My left ear is profoundly deaf.. and the right grew progressively worse over the years.. The hearing loss was not limiting the first decade or so … as I would not even admit that it existed… I finish my architectural Bachelor's degree, got a Master's, and a Ph.D. …practiced Architecture for 20 years across the NE quadrant of the US.. then Taught at Universities for another 20… I learned coping skills .. I taught a lot of Lab courses where I was right next to the student.. I would go into the class sitting area to listen to questions.. getting with in 6 feet of the questioning person… then tell them to speak up so the class could hear them … Certainly, my wife accused me of having selective hearing but she encouraged me along the way to get help…. I retired at 63…that was 20 years ago.. I have traveled the world and the US.. I do depend on Closed Captioning a lot.. but then I listen to Audio Books as I drive alone… Enjoy Living…. I was in the Service so the VA now keeps my Hearing Aids working… and up to date… Ken

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I really appreciate reading about this, thank you. If you were using hearing aids while you were finishing your Bachelor's degree (and onward) then would you say that your speech recognition abilities were adequate as well for you during this time?

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