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Morning folks! I disappeared for a bit as we dove really deep into things. I leaned into my symptoms and my body's reactions very heavily over the past few months, and I had some tactical conversations with both my doctors and some colleagues in the space (I used to work in medicine), and we came up with some possible solutions. So I shifted heavily to the low fodmap diet for the gastro issues for about 2 months, incorporated aloe juice into my diet and adopted a mentality (mostly) of Hakuna Matata, which means no worries for my non-Lion King friends. Between the above, and the fact that I avoid pills unless there is a defined use for them, I started to slowly come out of some of the weird symptoms.

And as of today, I can eat essentially whatever I want, but I sort of like the low fodmap diet, so will stick to it, and the aloe just seems like a healthy thing to do in the morning as well. But most of this stuff has melted away and now, I am focused on maintaining this state for another 2-3 months, then I intend to branch out and get back on the workout bandwagon. I still have some pain, and some challenges, but we are tackling those in non-medicated ways. But this is an update. Thanks for the perspective! Ya'll rock.

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I so appreciate your update, @datatguy. It is good to hear that you are feeling better. I agree that the low Fodmap diet is a really good food plan for most people who have digestive problems so I am happy to hear that you were successful with this eating plan.

I'm glad that you checked back and I hope that you continue to feel better. Will you check back with Connect on occasion and provide an update?