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It has become a mission indeed! I just don't want whatever is going on to evolve into something truly debilitating because I wasn't aggressive enough or didn't capture all of the facts.

With regards to a multi-specialty provider like Mayo, I have given myself another month of the current route at most, then I will shift to preferably the Mayo clinic or first available provider of the sort. A few post here were talking about different places and more in depth about Mayo, so that has been really helpful and highly insightful!

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@dataguy May I add my welcome to Mayo Connect? Your comprehensive history smacks true to the style I hold too, also!

When I lived in my last area, I used a comprehensive medical center, where all doctors had electronic access to my records. It worked pretty well. However, there were issues with the way two of them handled their practice and had to shift around, and ended up going out of network [insurance-wise] in order to get better health coverage for nephrology and oncology. In July 2019 I moved 800 miles north.

I had sourced out the PCP I wanted, and took the solid recommendation from a friend, for my oncologist, who is Mayo Clinic trained. On my first appointment with him, I queried who he is comfortable working with for a nephrologist, and went with his choice. For me, asking simple questions and getting truthful answers about medical care here has gone well. Because we are in a rural area, and lack a multi-specialty provider nearby, it is 2+ hrs each way to the oncologist and nephrologist. They are in the same city, so appts are scheduled on same day. Another specialist is 30 miles south, seen only 2-3 times a year. All are keeping each other in the loop of information, electronically. My PCP receives copies of all reports [lab and office], thus she is able to converse easily with me. I also have copies of everything, cart them to appts [or have them out in the car!], and created a spreadsheet of labwork values by year since 2016.

If you do decide to go to Mayo Clinic, I feel you will not be disappointed.