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Hello @sue6175 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I understand you are interested in the vaccine as soon as it is made available to you, so you have found a good discussion to join to stay close to that topic.

Can I ask if you are a current Mayo Clinic patient and if you have found the information at the start of the discussion to be helpful in understanding what we know today in terms of the vaccine?

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Hello, Amanda. I'll answer your questions and add my two cents.....Yes, I've been very pleased with the information Mayo has made available about the Covid vaccine. Through Newsfeed, the Poland Podcasts, the Covid 19 connect group discussions and the regular updates by Colleen Young we've had several avenues to find info. I haven't though been successful finding specifics about if or how or when or from whom I will be able to get the vaccinne, at Mayo. I, like several others in this conversation have multiple Mayo providers, but my PCP is with the Jacksonville Baptist Primary physicians. I keep praying this will change soon so I can have a Mayo PCP. This truly makes it tough for me in several ways. I use both Mayo (wonderful!!!) patient portal and Baptist (awful!!!) patient portal to keep my PCP informed of my progress at Mayo. I send him test results, docs comments and diagnoses and treatments, (he's not rec'd all the records as I requested....or the office isn't aware of them???) I have an excellent medical team. They do share information among themselves and with me. It's amazingly wonderful. I'm getting diagnoses, removing diagnoses, following results and actually going forward in my health and life. Much improved. BUT, I need the Covid 19 vaccine and can't find out how to get it! Baptist docs don't have access. It's run through the hospital system. Since I deal 199% with Mayo, I haven't ck'd w/Baptist yet. Fl/Jacksonville is now offering through the county health dept vaccines to anyone over 65 by appt only given DT at the Convention Center. If I can't get info re Mayo vaccine and me, I'll contact the health dept and get in line. So, while your info is good, the specific help we're looking for we still can't get. No idea if any of my docs will contact me? Which one? Any guess at time-frame? I think we're a bit lost in this, in the middle of 2 systems....in my case, 3 systems. Hope some of this add clarity? Happy New Year and many blessings. Elixabeth