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I urge everyone to remember that we are the very beginning of vaccine distribution, and the road to completion is a very long one. Most of us will probably not be scheduled to receive one until Spring, those not "at risk" will may not be vaccinated until Summer or Fall, and under current protocols young children will not be vaccinated at all.

Roughly 2 million of the needed 600 million plus doses of vaccine have been given up to now. With the Covid sanitation protocols and need to watch closely for allergic reaction, it may be a lot slower than we all hope. Also remember that at 3-4 weeks after the first dose, the vaccinators must circle back and give each person a second dose, further slowing the process. So far the US has only has contracts to purchase for roughly half the doses needed to vaccinate everyone.

Trying to do the math using CDC standards, I estimate that phase 1A - health care providers and congregate living - will take at least 2 months (into February) to complete. Then comes 1B - other essential workers (educators, cashiers, other front line) and those over age 75 - beginning in February if we are fortunate. Then those with chronic health conditions and those between 75 and 74, maybe in March or April...

Another thing to remember is that each state MAY allot its vaccine differently than the CDC recommendations - so people will be vaccinated on differing schedules depending upon where they live.

All that said, the best way to stay safe is to continue all recommended protocols - wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid crowds and remain socially distant - until we reach the "end of the tunnel" where we get the vaccine AND wait the recommended time for antibodies to form.


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Great information, Sue. I also want to remind everyone that we will need 2 doses of the vaccine and that it will take about a month until you are hopefully completely immune. And also, please remember that the vaccines are not 100% effective for the groups that were in trials. And trials are still ongoing and they're including more of the populations.

One of the reasons that this vaccine is a good idea is because we have to achieve herd-immunity for it to work. Vaccines have worked for many years against many different viruses. The greater the number of people who are vaccinated the greater the chance that we'll be able to have our family with us for future celebrations.