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@rred– Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your care team is all of the doctors you mention. At my hospital, it is my oncologist who "manages" everything. However, when I have a question that might be better answered by my lung surgeon or radiologist I email them directly. If I need something answered I go to the best source for an answer.

Now, you should have a PCP. Usually, if you need a vaccine it is the PCP who gives it to you or directs you to where you can get one. So far in my state, I haven't been notified as to when it will be available and where I go to have mine. Things are still very confusing and states are still receiving the vaccines. When I called my PCP to ask about mine I was told that they had no idea and recommended that I call my state health department. Well, of course, no one can get through. So for now I'm waiting for answers like everyone else.

Do you have a PCP?

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Thank you Merry for your quick and helpful reply. My doctors, aside from PCP, are all at Mayo Clinic Phoenix/Scottsdale. I've given up trying to get a Mayo PCP. I, too, contact apprpriate doctor for care (which has always been great). But, in re: vaccine, which one will be looking out for me? Thanks

I am a Mayo Clinic patient too but because I have Medicare no Internal Medicine doctor or Primary doctor in Mayo Clinic Florida is accepting new patients who have Medicare. I have been treated by the Spine Center doctors since 2020 but when I called them they don’t have information about the Covid vaccine and was told to call my PCP. I have a PCP outside Mayo Clinic now but they don’t have the vaccine and probably won’t have it. The FL Health Dept stopped offering the vaccines. Publix grocery stores have started in many counties except Duval County where Mayo Clinic is located. The Regency Mall in Jacksonville FL looks like a rodeo where you see crowds impossible to get through. Long lines of elderly people exposed to the inclements of weather since at this time of the year it can get cold here in Jacksonville. So how Mayo Clinic will treat the rest of the 65 + years old patients remaining who are being treated by other specialists in Mayo Clinic who don’t have a Mayo PCP? We are under the requirements to be able to get it. By the way, I understand high risk patients and healthcare staff are a priority and that there are 4 Phases to get it but what Category or Phase do we fit in? Thanks