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I would love to read all that you mention, I just don't know where to look. I have severe pain in my SI area although the cause is Scoliosis, Deg. Disc., Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis and Spondylolisthesis. My pain is constant, usually a 7-8, and then it will go to a 15!! I have to sit down. This is a burning pain from the SI area that goes around to my quadriceps. Pleasel et me know if there is anything else.

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Good morning @wheelerma

Finding the discussions on Connect can be confusing if you are new to the forum. I have listed here some of the links about other Cymbalta discussions that you might find helpful. Just click on the link and read the different posts.
You mentioned in your first post about having a "reaction" to the Lexapro and Cymbalta. I would like to ask you a couple more questions so that we can help direct you to the right discussion group:

Did the reaction occur when you started to take both meds together or did you have it before adding the second med? I also wonder who is the prescribing doctor. Is it a primary care physician or a psychiatrist?

@wheelerma Below I have listed a previous discussion related to Cymbalta. You may want to scroll through the posts and read previous suggestions.


May I ask if you had a chance to take a look at @hopeful33250 discussion links she provided?

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