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Sue: I was stuck for a long time when the Covid scare was bad and they didn’t know what they were doing (as if they do now!). The gym membership was still being charged but the gym was closed.

I got a bit creative by walking before/after store hours so I was by myself. This way I could plan depending on the weather. I can’t walk very far (falling risk), so I would go into a parking lot outside of a grocery store that left carts outside, wipe the handle with a wet one, and walk around the lot with a cart. It’s open and very visible from the road so the police would always see me, which made me secure to know they were watching out for me. With a shopping cart I could go for miles, but with a cane only a small fraction of that. (The store managers don’t mind as long as I return them clean.)

I would also make use of my time by using dumbbells. When watching tv I would walk carrying dumbbells around the house during commercials (most shows are about 40 minutes show, 20 minutes commercials) so at least I would get activity. It’s good for a huge list of benefits!

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@howardm, What a great and creative way to find a solution to outside walks that would keep you moving while keeping you safe from others and under the watch of police if needed for help from a fall! Using the carts for stability as you walked was an added benefit.

Congrats to you for your creativity!