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Sue! Your message 6 days ago is awful!!!!!!! You wore me out just reading it! You actually toss your laundry further away??? ANd stretch??? Smart lady, but I'm way past you, sorry to say. I guess you got from previous notes, I'm blessed to be able to get up the stairs and down safely once daily! That's a good day for me! Partial jest….I do walk w/walker at Mayo as I mentioned before…..inside in the connecting corridors between 3 major buildings. To and from the gift shop! I do enjoy that walking and it's a good bit of steps, too. Can't always do it, but getting stronger now from October/Nov when I ended up in hospital I've been upstairs 3 times today, putting together gift bags for Mayo docs tomorrow – lemons from my 'cocktail tree'- (lemon/lime tree). Well, off to bed. Tired. from this busy day. 3X on the steps is a lot for me. God bless you, Sue, You're remarkable. Elizabeth

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Sue, how do you count your steps? Do you wear a watch? Please give me some tips, something waterproof and not to important. I don't need it to do much, just count steps walking and in water, maybe heartbeat? or ???? I ck'd online, but got more confused. Don't want to spend a fortune for this, but would enjoy and find it helpful. Any info is appreciated. Blessings. Elizabeth

@ess, Laughing at your response to Sue and hoping that your doc visit goes well tomorrow! How kind of you to share gifts of lemons from your "cocktail tree" with your docs. Hope you'll let us know the results of visit and that it is just a "well-baby" follow-up?