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@sueinmn This is a great question, Sue! I do several small things. If I walk upstairs, I then walk down and back up, just for extra steps. And when I watch TV, I get up and walk around the room. Great for my restless leg syndrome but it counts as exercise! What do you use to count your steps? I can’t carry my phone 24/7!

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HI Becky, I have Fitbit Charge 3 that I always wear as it can monitor several things for me, so I know my steps and active minutes as well.
I ran an errand this morning, and have been buzzing around the house getting ready for foster pets and Christmas, and I am already at 4700 steps and 9 flights of stairs. In a bit we'll celebrate our daughter's 41st birthday with a few gifts and a short visit, then back to the "sewing cave" as my husband calls it – even though it has windows on 2 sides and is flooded with natural and artificial light. Tomorrow I'll walk with my littles to give Mommy a breather.

@becsbuddy, I'm with you. When watching local tv programming, I get up and walk during commercials…all steps taken count, yes? The pleasures of no commercials offered by Netflix are appreciated but I do limit Netflix viewing to one episode per view before stopping for a quick walk.

Another thing I started long ago when shopping in stores was to park farther away from the entrance than necessary. Now I just carry in one bag at a time from car trunk when unloading grocery bags from infrequent trips. I also use a timer to limit my sessions to 20 minutes at the computer before leaving the desk….improves circulation and hope it helps eye strain. Not much granted but every little bit helps.

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