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Possible/Pseudo Cushing syndrome

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Hi Joan @jmb73, I am so sorry you are going through such a hard time with your cortisol levels. I know that cheryl1 was recently diagnosed with Cushings at Mayo Clinic.

Other than high levels of cortisol and weight gain, are you experiencing other symptoms as well? Are you bruising more frequently? Is the weight gain in certain areas of the body?

I am sure you have researched it on the Mayo site, but I wanted to share the article about Cushings with you.

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Hi Amanda, Thank you for the article. I have been researching Mayo clinic's site and have most of the symptoms. But I do take Eliquis and that could cause the bruising. The stretch marks are all over my legs. I take Dexamethasone test Sunday at 11:30 and get my bloods done at 7:30. Then I will have a tele-appointment with my endocronologist a few days later. Then we will see what she says. I contacted this site as it has helped me in the past. Especially, when I had my Gamma surgery. Thank you for your concern. Joan