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Proximal junctional kyphosis (PJK)

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Welcome, @ohiogirl. Allow me to bring fellow members @steeldove @lotsofpain @dexan @kayskid @irene5 and @jackl into this discussion as they have also talked about dealing with kyphosis.

I can imagine that you're not looking forward to the prospect of a fusion revision. How is your bone density? What do you currently do to find relief from pain?

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Good morning Colleen! Since two epidurals directly into the T 5-6 where the MRI shows forarmal stenosis gave me no relief and facet injections did not either, I feel I have no other option but to have surgery to get my quality of life back!! I have developed osteoporosis and osteopenia in the last year. I'm 67. I do the Prolia injections as my GP recommended that, I only do OTC which may take the edge off and CBD gummies to relax. Tens unit. Heating pad.

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