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Chest pain / pressure

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”I'm just not sure if i should take myself in for a checkup.”
Are you kidding?
You know darn good and well you should take yourself in for a check-up or go to the ER.
Stop being so selfish, if you don't care about yourself at least care about your son. Sons love their Dads no question about it but our Mom's are SPECIAL very special. we may not always express our love appropriately to our Mom's but that doesn’t mean they are not the most important person in our lives. My mom passed away a year ago this past Thanksgiving. She amazed everyone including her doctors and lived another 10 days. My Mom didn't have a choice to live, it sounds like you do. Don't put your son through such agony any earlier than you have to. I would gladly give up EVERYTHING I have if I could see my Mom one more time, if only for a second. I can understand you may not want to go to the doctor/hospital but do it for your son. He will be more grateful than he will ever be able to express.
Best wishes to you,

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Thank you Jake for your heartfelt response. I will definitely getchecked out. i will keep you all posted.