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Spinal fusion of C1-C6

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I had Chairi decompression 20 years ago. Have been having pressure and pain in my head and neck constantly for the past 4 mths. Have been to 2 neurosurgeons who sent me to pain management and neurologists who said it was migraines. The one admitted me to make sure I didn't have hydrocephalus or increased ICP. Gave me the migraine protocol and pumped me full of meds for 48 hrs with no relief. I have 8/10 pain with head down movement or arm use or bend over action. I am dizzy nauseated lightheaded. I have poor concentration. Blurry vision when I look down. Weakness on right side. Tingling on both sides of body and lower part of face. Poor gag reflex. I cough on food and drink. Fullness in right ear and pain in. Right ear. Ringing in ears. Saw 3 rd neurosurgeon who said it is cervical instability and sent me for upright mri with flexion and extension and said I may need a cervical fusion. Anyone have this surgery?

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Hello jacklynn12, I had a cervical fusion from occiput to T3 in 2016, It was performed because of instability and spinal cord compression due to long term juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It took about 3 years for me to really get used to not being able to move my head, twisting from the waist, proper posture, etc. But, I did. The surgery was long and difficult for me, because I have a difficult airway. I was placed in ICU for 5 days (planned ahead of time), and then agreed to in patient rehab for two weeks, then outpatient for two months. Residually, I have much less pain, but get occasional headaches and deal with ongoing neuropathy in my shoulder/upper back area. I'm not sure what else to tell you, except what I experienced before. Because of the spinal cord compression, my surgery was urgent enough to be performed within a month of diagnosis. Prior to diagnosis, about 2 months before surgery, I started getting symptoms–"zaps" down my legs, numbness in my fingers, hands, and reduced coordination in my hands, as well as more pain and a sense of heaviness in my head. I was tired all the time.

Please let me know if I can offer anymore information, and I wish you all the best!

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