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Spinal fusion of C1-C6

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@kdj as someone who is fused from C/2-T/2, I can share that I am still able to drive, although the turning radius of my head has decreased enough that shortly after surgery I purchased a car with increased safety features such as blinking lights in the mirrors that lets me know when there is a car in my blind spot. In addition, I have learned to turn at my waist to check the blind side for cars, rather than turning my head. So, while my mobility has decreased some, there are some ways to mitigate those losses.

I was told ahead of surgery that daily chronic headaches might be a side effect of that much fusion. And it turns out that the headaches did start shortly after surgery. I am currently being treated with Botox for the headaches, but also in my neck muscles, to help increase the side to side movement of my head.

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Hi, Years ago, I had two level fusion in my cervical spine, now all my discs above there have collapsed and “autofused”, so I have limited neck turning also. I also bought a new car for the same reason you mention! It’s wonderful to have that and not worry about limited views to the side!