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Spinal fusion of C1-C6

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Hi @kdj I was recently (a year ago) fully fused from C2-T2 and I had an additional surgery to add rods to the back of my neck for stability. This was my fourth and fifth cervical surgeries. Overall, I am recovering well, although I did lose a significant amount of mobility in my neck which has taken some getting used to. That much fusion is a big surgery, and it has taken me about a year to recover. In addition, one of the side effects of this surgery has been daily chronic headaches. I am hoping to avoid having C1 fused as this would limit mobility even more.

Would you like to share more about why you need this surgery and how some of us might be able to help with your concerns or questions? I see this is your first post - so I want to welcome you to the forums!

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From most of all postings on here and other sites is that older folks don't do well with this extensive surgery.

I am also fused from C2-T2 since 1/05/2021. Do you have serious pain issues with your neck and shoulders? Muscle knots have left me in constant debilitating pain and I wondered if you have had any luck with treatment. Thanks.

They want to fuse C2-C3. I have severe stenosis and a bulging disc in there. Other pinched nerves as well. I didn’t know this until after a car accident. I was wondering, I already have constant headaches some migraine and neck spasms. They said no guarantee on all pain relief but reduced pain. You mentioned you still had headaches. Does this compare at all?