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Thanks,Elizabeth, I have been thinking about the Cleveland Clinic for some time now, as my brother and sister both had cancer issues and I am thinking early diagnosis would be better than waiting until I am quite ill as they did before their deaths. I have had cancer twice already, in addition to skin problems.
I know that I can get tests done at a Ceveland Clinic lab here in Columbus and that would be easy to do. I am beginning to think that my current issues are not really related to outcomes from back surgery four years ago. I had a friend who went to the Jacksonville site and was very successful in his cancer recovery. My brother had stage 4 cancer before he was finally diagnosed and that was too late. He complained of back pain and was ignored at first.
My sister would not manage her diabetes, gained much weight, and went downhill from there. It is difficult to say what she died from, due to comorbidity.
But it was a terrible decline, and so pitiful for everyone to endure. I must get checked out this coming year. Dorisena

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Well, dorisena, sounds like you really do need to take this by the horns and get moving since you have your brother and sister's situations to remember and make the choice....your own choice.....you in charge - nice!.... to take charge and get your body under some kind of control before it's out of control. Make sense? I'm working on it. Guess that's what we're all working toward. Find out from the best what's happening, do what you must to get better/improve/or at least understand and know what to do. Love this plan. Enjoy your journey and let us know how you do! Blessings, Elizabeth