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Hi all! I have found these sites very informative and thought I would share my story. Firstly I am from Calgary Alberta Canada. Back March 14th of this year I was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer of the right breast. I was 5 months shy of my regular mammogram. Because of covid everything thereafter was done by phone. I was given my diagnoses over the phone. I had my preop with the surgeon over the phone and was booked for surgery 31 days after diagnosis. My preference would have been to have a bilateral, I was 70 at the time. Because elective surgery was cancelled because of covid that would have been elective so couldn’t do it. I entered the hospital alone and I met the surgeon and anesthetist 5 minutes before being wheeled into surgery. The tumour was 2 cm stage 1 grade 3 with no lymph node involvement. All this was once again given to me over the phone. I have never seen the surgeon since. Met with the oncologist face to face and determined that they wouldn’t take my age as the determining factor for the next steps. Because of my need to do research I found the oncotype testing. When meeting my oncologist it was me that suggested we do this test to determine the next steps. He agreed and 2 weeks later found out that my score was 51 which determined that I was at a high risk of recurrence and that chemo would benefit me.

I am now just about 3 1/2 months from chemo. I am on an AI and My symptoms so far have not been extreme but monitoring the changes as it seems everyday there is something new. From this site I now know I need to determine what my risk factor is if I don’t take it and there are options I have also just booked an oncologist psychologist appt. I have taken everything in stride up to now. Have not been angry never said why me and haven’t shed a tear. I liken this experience to training for a race and raced and crossed the finish line and then ask the question Now What! Not sure if any of this makes sense but I am feeling like there is isolation with this darned covid but there is also isolation in a cancer diagnosis. Thank you everyone for sharing and thank you for listening.

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Good grief what a voyage! Because of covid, I forced myself to do my own research and so glad I did. Every time I have another onco call, I throw her a question that throws her off and she says she is not sure and cant provide an answer. I already know the answer and just want confirmation. It is my surgeon that has been the most upfront with me. For me, covid delay were a sort of blessing that allowed me to dig in and find my own answers….. I wish you nothing but the best, this site is a blessing of its own.

Hi, Oma — I think your decision to speak with an oncological psychologist was a good one. I only recently learned that there is a thing known as Cancer PTSD which makes a lot of sense. I think that the Covid isolation, coupled with the isolation of cancer concerns, could mean that a lot of us have been stuffing down our feelings. You were wise to seek this resource.

Thank you for sharing your story. It has been hard through COVID!

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