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Hi! My diagnosis is very similar to yours. Stage 1, grade 3 TNBC in 2015. Was caught early so decided on a lumpectomy. We didn’t think too much about genetic testing as I only knew of my Dad’s sister who had breast cancer twice at different times. Then I started contacting my Mom’s side of the family and found a lot of secondary BRCA2 involvement. Pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer….
So on my check up later we did the genetic testing and it came back BRCA2. I never had children or pregnancies and still had my ovaries and Fallopian tubes which never caused me any issues over the years but they had to go and that has started another long journey over the past 4. After all this I am a strong believer in genetic testing. However it is an expensive test and a personal decision. I won’t go into more details as it’s been a very long road but at this point I am doing well. I would be happy to share more but only if you’d like. Take one day at a time and ask lots of questions and read as much as you can about TNBC. The resource center at Mayo was a big help in finding a lot of info for me on trials and studies. Wishing you the best…. keep a positive attitude and have a blessed holiday!

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I agree with syska @syska that even though genetic testing is expensive, it is helpful for your diagnosis and knowledge to share with relatives. Mine was covered by insurance. Check with your facility about charges and ask your insurance company about coverage.

I have 3 sisters and including myself 3 out 4 have been diagnosed with breast cancer, all caught very early. My sister and me both did genetic testing (10 years apart) and neither showed any genetic cause. Odd, but I think it is probably some genetic trait that has not been found yet. Or may be environmentally. May never know.


Thank you so much for your story. I did already meet with genetics and decided on the STAT panel; so, testing 9 genes. I did not realize about the secondary cancers, but I will try not to worry about that until I have to. Thank you!